The School Day

Our school day starts earlier than most schools in the northern hemisphere and is designed to reflect the local climate.

All teachers and assistants are in school by 07:30 am, although most are here earlier.


School Starts at:

Infants and Juniors

7:45am Classroom doors open. Students can enter the classroom at any time between 7:45am and 8:00am.

8:00am Lessons begin.

Children who arrive at school after 8:00am will be marked as late.


7:40am Doors open for registration


School ends at:

12:30 pm for the students in Nursery

2:00 pm for students in Reception

2:30 pm for students in Year 1 and Year 2

2:55 pm for Seniors and Juniors

3:30 pm for Administration


Examination leave

Study leave is timetabled through the school for students before an external examination. Additional absences from school prior to examinations to revise or produce coursework are absolutely discouraged and will be recorded as unauthorised absence.

Programmes of revision are arranged in school by subject teachers and all students are encouraged to be in school during school study leave but may stay at home if they wish. Parents will be advised of the dates of study leave by the school. Students must be in school uniform if in school for study leave or for revision classes during the holidays or out of school hours and for exams.

Students must sign themselves in and out at the Reception desk throughout the exam period.


Term time leave

The BSB calendar is published in advance and we ask parents to ensure that children are not taken out of school during term time. However, we realise that this is sometimes unavoidable. If you have to take your children out of school during term-time for any reason, please email or send a written request for leave of absence at least four days in advance to the relevant headteacher who will be able to advise you of any internal or external examinations taking place during the requested leave of absence period.


Parent absence from Bahrain

It is our unfortunate experience that some parents leave Bahrain while their children remain here unsupervised. This often only comes to light when the children are not attending school or one of the children has an accident. The presence of a domestic helper is seldom sufficient in cases of crisis. If the circumstances are absolutely unavoidable, parents should attempt to find a family with whom their children can stay while they are out of Bahrain. Whatever arrangements are made, the relevant headteacher should be informed by letter or email, with information about who is acting as guardian to the children and providing all their contact details.

The guardian must have been given written authorisation by the parents to give permission for any necessary medical care in the event of illness or an accident.

Arriving at School

Bus transport


The BSB school bus service will be happy to transport your child to and from school. Please download the from the website and submit to Mr. Naveen, the transport manager, on 17610897.

Arriving at school by car

The roads around the school are very congested in the mornings and at the end of the school day and we ask that parents drive slowly and carefully. Our security guards assist in directing the safe and orderly flow of traffic both inside and outside the school. At these times we would appreciate your polite, patient and supportive cooperation to enable them to do their jobs effectively.

We commend drivers who observe all the rules of the road and extend every courtesy to others.

Click here to download our transport form.

Students leaving school during school hours


Students are not permitted to leave the premises during school hours. Students involved in extracurricular activities or clubs at the end of the school day are also not allowed to leave the school premises until the end of the activity. Students may purchase drinks and snacks from the school cafeteria or bring food and drinks from home.

Students will only be allowed to leave school if they have a valid reason and a written request from their parent or guardian which the student should give to his or her class teacher or form tutor, in the first instance. The student is required to sign out at their school’s reception before leaving and will be issued with a “permission to leave school” pass which must be handed to the security guard at the gate. A student will only be permitted to leave school accompanied by a teacher, parent or guardian.

Attendance and Punctuality

Daily registration


All students must be present within school at the specified times.

Attendance is taken in registration at the beginning of the school day. Senior students are expected to be in their class base or form rooms at 7:40 am. Doors open in the Infants and Juniors at 7:45am and registration for them is taken at 8:00am.


Late arrivals


Students in Seniors arriving late to school before the close of registration at 8:00am will receive a late mark from their form tutor. Students arriving late to school after registration has closed must sign in with our attendance officer at reception. Unless the reason for being late is due to the late arrival of a bus, a letter signed by a parent or guardian explaining the reason for the late arrival should be given to the student’s form tutor within two days. If Senior students are late on five or more occasions in one term, without good reason, they will be given a school detention. This will be followed by a letter home and further lateness will require a meeting with parents as per school policy.


Medical appointments during the school day


In order to protect teaching time, parents should make every effort to schedule routine medical appointments for students outside of school hours. If a student arrives at school late from attending a medical or dental appointment, documentation of that appointment is required.


Student absence

Attendance in each class, each day, is necessary for success in school. Most subjects are taught in sequence, requiring the understanding of each concept in the order of presentation. A missed school day cannot be made up by simply doing the written work that is missed. We expect our students to attend school except for the following reasons: illness, medical care, injury or other emergencies, activities or events beyond parental control.


It is not considered appropriate for students to miss school to meet or see off friends and relatives who are arriving in or leaving Bahrain. This would disturb the routine of the school classes and have a negative impact on student learning. Similarly, it is not appropriate to absent your children from school to accommodate flights.

Flights should be booked to coincide with the published school holidays. School activities like field trips are not considered as absences.


Parents are required to email or phone the school if their child is going to be absent and to provide a note or email explaining the absence upon the child’s return.


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