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The British School of Bahrain is a proud member of Inspired. Inspired, founded by Nadim M. Nsouli, is a leading premium schools group operating in Europe, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America educating over 26,000 students across a global network of over 32 schools on 5 continents. Inspired offers a fresh and contemporary approach to education by re-evaluating traditional teaching methods and curricula, and creating a more dynamic, relevant and powerful educational model.

Inspired sets a new standard in premium private education with handpicked teachers and a dedication to excellence that permeates every aspect of each school. Integrating innovative, challenging and enriching academic, performing arts and sports programmes, Inspired’s students leave with outstanding results, a love of learning, confidence and a firm value system that prepares them to embrace the challenges life throws at them in their future endeavours. An Inspired education extends beyond the confines of traditional academia to tuition in life and public speaking, study methods and time management. Inspired schools nurture the unique individuality, talent and self-assurance of each student, equipping them to take on the world with the skills and confidence to ensure success as leading global citizens of tomorrow.

  • Co-educational, non-denominational, premium independent schools
  • Over 32 schools
  • 5 continents
  • More than 26,000 students and growing
  • Ages 1 to 18
  • Enriching and progressive education philosophy


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