Although the school has grown a great deal since its inception as a villa school with a handful of students in the early 1990s, we have not lost our caring, family approach. Children work and play together happily. Positive student behaviour arises from - and is maintained by - wholesome and holistic education. Every member of the BSB family is encouraged to respect and value every other. When, from time to time, children need to be guided or reminded, this is done through positive learning experiences and open communication between home and school. Our parent body is supportive and helpful; this contributes enormously to the success of the school.

Juniors register with their class teachers at 7.45am and the school day ends at 2.40pm.  Children have two break times during the day. Junior students are encouraged to bring a healthy and nutritious packed lunch daily or to buy food from the excellent range available in the cafeteria. Fizzy drinks, chocolates and sweets are not allowed.

The school day begins at 7.45am for all BSB students. Junior children have the opportunity to blow away the cobwebs with Wake Up – Shake Up in the playground or sports hall at 7.30 until 7.45am.

End of School Day: The teaching day ends at 2.40pm and parents should ensure that they have the necessary arrangements in place to collect their children punctually at this time. Refreshments are available in the cafeteria at the beginning and end of every day. Children must not be left unsupervised.

School attendance is essential for the academic and social success of your child.  We ask parents not to plan holidays during term time as missed days cannot be made up. Every absence needs to be explained by means of a phone call to reception followed up by a letter or a medical note.

Please click here for the Junior Behaviour Policy.


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