We offer age-specific groups from 5 years and up for boys and girls. The All Star Basketball Academy at the BSB aims to develop our student’s understanding and skill set. The Academy emphasizes the benefits of team work, discipline and a healthy lifestyle, and will be facilitated by local basketball players and coaches, and headed by seasoned top basketball players and coach Jojo Arpon of the Basketball National Olympic committee of Kingdom of Bahrain.


Spears Football Academy

Develop your child confidence, fitness and improve your skills in a fun and friendly environment. Midweek training takes place on our world-class playing surface at the BSB. Our groups start from 3 years old and we run separate courses for girls. The Football Academy’s number one philosophy is to have FUN! Through our organised training sessions we aim to improve the technique, overall performance and understanding of the beautiful game. All sessions are run by qualified and experienced Brazilian coach Daniel Ambrosio.


Taekwondo Academy

Explore and experience the traditional art of self-defence, Taekwondo. All classes are supervised by Chief Instructor (Sabum Nim) Fadi Humaidan who holds a 5th degree black belt from the World Taekwondo Federation and has an impressive 20 years of experience Students are encouraged to attend both sessions in order to help them pass their examination.


Swimming Academy

The BSB Swimming Academy is a successful swimming school with highly qualified and experienced coaching staff. The Academy offers a programme that caters for students at all swimming levels in our indoor, temperature controlled, 25m Squad Pools. The extremely popular and unique Babies programme is for babies and children from 3 months to 3 years. It is a fantastic opportunity for parents and their children to bond whilst learning water safety and awareness through games, songs, motion and verbal communication. The Learn to Swim programme caters for children from age 3 and up, and is designed to provide individual attention while maximising practice time. As children attain benchmarks for their ability they are moved to the next level to ensure they continue to be challenged and enjoy their swimming experience. The Academy also offers Pre-Squad and Squad groups for the more experienced swimmers looking to further their technique, endurance and strength. The Adult Learn to Swim programme is also offered to more mature students wishing to learn to swim or gain confidence in the water environment.



Here at Gymfinity, we believe in delivering high quality gymnastics training for all gymnasts, from our youngest beginners to our experienced squad level gymnasts. In fast-paced, active sessions we use a variety of apparatus, including floor, beam, bars, vault and trampette. We work with gymnasts to develop their skills of strength, endurance, fliexibility, balance and coordination.


Tennis academy

Whether you're a beginner or advanced, The British School Bahrain has a program for you. Our Tennis professionals, Athletics Kings, help each student reach their potential by teaching tech-nique using the latest methods and training through a variety of fun drills and games. Our Euro-pean quali_ed tennis coaches are sure to help you improve your game.


Music, Arts and Drama Academy

The Music, Arts and Drama Academy offer students the chance to explore and develop their talents through a wide range of activities. Whether you dream of being a rock star, a great actor, a graceful dancer, or to develop your singing skills, or learn a new instrument, the talented staff of the Music, Arts and Drama Academy are ready to support you in your endeavours.

Throughout the year there are several opportunities to perform in quality productions as well as concerts and music festivals. Young people who acquire the skills of the Performing Arts as musicians, actors and dancers can carry that knowledge and confidence into all walks of life.


Art Academy

Art is the product of creative human activity in which materials are selected and/or shaped to convey an idea, emotion, or a form. The idea of art is ever-changing and evolving, making it almost impossible to establish a clear definition. When people ask, “what is art?”, or state that something “is not art,” they are usually not seeking a philosophical definition but are instead expressing their personal opinion.

This also shows that people not only make art, but also choose which objects should be called art.


S.T.E.M. Lab

AERODYNAMICS gives students the opportunity to learn the physics behind “how things fly”, how aircraft structures are designed and how to build their own. Students will gain insight into the mathematics used for designing aircrafts as well as designing and building their own.

RAPID PROTOTYPING “DESIGN AND BUILD” USING 3D PRINTERS teaches students how to set-up a 3D printer, how to design usable objects using CAD, and how to print their own design and test for structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

3D MODELLING USING CAD SOFTWARES instructs students on the basics of CAD design, sculpting, sketching, and modelling. Students will also have an opportunity to design a product, building, or flying object using CAD and then fabricating their design.


Photography Academy

Photography is a great way for children to explore and expand their creativity. During this fun-filled Photography Course, children will have the opportunity to use their imagination and work around different perspectives to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings creatively.

The Instructor will guide them through every step, help them explore their camera, make use of their creativity and ensure they have a great time all through it. In addition to learning about their cameras, kids will also learn the softer aspects of photography - composition, framing, perspectives, focus etc., to help them in their personal creative storytelling process.


Chess Academy

Train your brain with Chess. Masterclasses for both boys and girls.

Chess teaches children many fundamentals, like problem-solving, focus, patience, and follow-through which can be transferred to real life, children equipped with these skills would embrace learning in a different way. Chess is fun!

Bahrain Chess Academy at the British School provides students with the opportunity to learn and play chess with the International Chess Masters in Bahrain. The training sessions will be headed by International Chess Master MohamedTissir Arab, African Champion, and Gold Medallist at the World Chess Olympiad(Mallorca, Spain 2004).

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