Applying to BSB


We are delighted you are considering a place at the British School of Bahrain and our aim is to make the application process as easy for you as possible.

If you would like to apply for admission to BSB for your child, please submit the completed application form, signed Terms and Conditions, signed medication consent form and prepare the documents for submission as per the Ministry of Education procedures.

Students who have met our admission requirements will be offered a place at the British School of Bahrain after full consideration of all the information provided by the parents or guardian. If the particular year group is full the student will be placed on the waiting list from the date the completed application form is received in the school.

Students are accepted into Years 10 to 13 providing the previous syllabus they studied is compatible with the British curriculum and they are successful in the entrance assessment. Individual cases may be discussed with the Head of Senior School.

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Admission Process

The first stage of applying for a place at the British School of Bahrain is to complete and submit the Application Form to the Admissions team. The form must be completed fully and accurately and be signed by the parent or guardian. A separate form must be completed for each child. There is an administration charge of BD50 to process each form.

Please also note that if information relevant to the extent of the child’s educational, emotional, social or health needs has not been disclosed during the admissions’ process, we reserve the right to ask the parents to withdraw the child when it becomes apparent at a later stage once the child has been admitted to the school.

The Application Form and supporting documents can be submitted by hand or be scanned and submitted by email. The date the completed application (including the vaccination records, reports and registration fee) is received by the school will determine the applicant’s initial place on the waiting list. Once you have submitted all the admissions’ documentation required you will be contacted by the Admissions team to schedule an appointment for the entry assessment test.

Non-British School Applicants:

If you have not taken GCSEs in your previous school but have taken alternative qualifications you will need to provide original certification alongside sitting entrance tests. In all cases of non-British School applications, you are required to provide the most up-to-date school reports and references. These are also taken into consideration when your application is being processed. Remember that you are making a considerable commitment when applying to join the Sixth Form at the BSB and we value hard work, contribution to our community and dedication.


All admissions are subject to a successful entrance assessment, based on the child’s age at the test date according to the British Curriculum and the last grade completed.

Nursery, Reception, Year 1 & 2:

Children applying to Nursery will be assessed on English language development, social skills and behaviour. Ideally, these Readiness for School assessments are conducted by the infant staff and allow the children to play and interact using educational toys provided.

Reception, Year 1 and 2 assessments are held individually with our assessor. Children applying to Year 1 and Year 2 are given standardised tests in Math and English appropriate to their age. In addition to this, they will also be evaluated on their ability to sustain a conversation, social skills and behaviour.

Year 3 – 12:

Applicants will complete an age appropriate online entrance assessment under exam conditions consisting of a Maths section, English section and Non-Verbal Reasoning section, followed by a written task

Age Qualification

Our students come from all parts of the world and we understand that different national school systems are not always the same. However, it is our policy to place students in their correct age grouping, according to the English National curriculum programme. We strongly discourage requests to place children out of their appropriate age group.

The following table is a guide to the right year group for your child:


School Year Child’s age on September 1st
of the academic year.
Nursery 3
Reception 4
Year 1 5
Year 2 6
Year 3 7
Year 4 8
Year 5 9
Year 6 10
Year 7 11
Year 8 12
Year 9 13
Year 10 14
Year 11 15
Year 12 16
Year 13 17

A-Level/GCSE Qualifications

A minimum of five passes at Grade C or above at GCSE or the equivalent. This must include English and Mathematics, regardless of which subjects you wish to study.

Additionally, you will need a Grade B or above in the subject you wish to study at A Level.

Please look at our Sixth Form prospectus carefully and if you are attending our information evening, talk to individual Heads of Department if you have any questions. Some subjects, such as Economics or Government & Politics may be new to you. In all cases, entry to our Sixth Form will be based on careful discussions on an individual basis. All students that enter our AS Level programmes in Year 12 are taken on a ‘trial’ basis and your suitability will be reviewed after a short period of 6 weeks. This gives you time to settle in to your studies and get to grips with the demands of studying at this level.

Acceptance and Payment

Once a student has qualified, and a vacancy becomes available, he or she will be offered a place according to the admission priority from the wait list. When a student is offered a place at the British School of Bahrain, parents are required to pay a non-refundable registration fee of BD100 and must sign a school agreement to guarantee the place. In signing the school agreement, parents acknowledge their commitment by paying the school fees for each academic year when due. In addition a book deposit fee of BD50 should be paid. Upon withdrawal, and presentation of receipt the BD50/ deposit will be refunded, less the cost of any books and resources lost or damaged.

Enrolment to the school is not considered final until the registration fee, first term’s fees and all documentation have been received. Once a child has been admitted to the British School of Bahrain the first term is probationary.


The nationality on the CPR card determines an applicant’s nationality.  If your child is applying for admission with a passport from an Arab state, then they are required by the Ministry of Education in Bahrain to take both Arabic and Islamic Studies as part of their curriculum programme.

If your child is applying with a non-Arab state passport but can speak fluent Arabic, then he or she will be considered for a place on our Arabic Language programme but will not be required to take Islamic Studies.

Ministry of Education requirements for Admission

The Private Education Directorate of the Ministry of Education of Bahrain mandates that students entering Year 3 and above must adhere to the attached procedures to gain approval for admission to the British School of Bahrain.  You are required to submit an original transfer certificate and most recent school report with the necessary attestations from the relevant authorities in the country of issue. Please read the full procedures and ensure you obtain the appropriate Embassy/Apostille stamps and attestations before you depart from your previous country of residence.

Download - MoE procedures for students relocating to Bahrain
Download - MoE procedures for students transferring from schools within Bahrain

Exit and Transfer Procedures

If your child is transferring to another school due to family relocation, please inform the Admissions team in the first instance. They will assist you in any entrance invigilation or references required for your child’s new school. Please also inform your child’s form tutor and the Headteacher of the relevant section in writing in good time before your child’s withdrawal from school. We require at least one term’s notice for exit documentation or references, transcripts and reports to be prepared.

Please note that this documentation will not be provided until all school fees are paid and all books and equipment belonging to the school have been returned. Your child’s form tutor will assist them with the necessary exit arrangements before he or she leaves the school.

For students travelling within the GCC – please be aware that some schools require the transfer certificate to be attested by:

1. Ministry of Education
2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
3. The Consulate or Embassy of the country your child will continue education

Please note that this is the correct order for this process and this is the responsibility of the parents.


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